The Bare Hazel ‘Maugherow, a much wilder place’

3 August 2019 @ 7:00 pm
Ellen's Pub

‘Between the bare hazel and the wool white foam’ WBY

The Bare Hazel is a new arts participation project launched with the kind support of Creative Ireland where writers work with groups of artists from both professional and community backgrounds from County Sligo creating a series of written, visual and musical pieces/works inspired by the place, history and mythology of Sligo.

This year writers Sean Golden and Niamh McCabe will lead groups on the projects ‘Maugharow is a wilder place’ and the 6thcentury copyright saga ‘the Battle of the Books’.

Music and song, written word and spoken, images captured by neighbours of Maugherow and environs responding to the land- and sea- and skyscapes that shape the community. Surf and stone. Sun and storm. Fossil and fort. Archaeology and folklore. Flock and herd. Wetland and pasture. Big house and cottage. Overflights of geese half the year. 


A bespoke multimedia happening in Ellen’s Pub for Tread Softly.