The Nine Queens

3 August 2019 @ 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Nine Beaches: Dunmoran | Enniscrone | Strandhill | Rosses Point | Yellow Strand | Streedagh | Cliffoney | Mullaghmore

InYeats’ play On Baile’s Strand, Cúchulainn gifts the ‘Young man’ a cloak given to him by Mannanán mac Lir.  The cloak, woven by his daughters,  the ‘Nine Queens from a Country Under Wave’, served as a peace offering to the young challenger to appease the young man’s mother, Queen Aoife of Scotland.

The Nine Queens 

Nine sculptors will work with community groups at nine locations along the coastline of County Sligo to create a series of sand sculptures representing the daughters of Manannán mac Lír,  sea god of Irish mythology.

The Nine Sculptors Stefanie Brüning | Philip Brett | Barra Cassidy | Peter Crann | Seamus Dunbar | Patty Hudak | Jackie McKenna| Bettina Seitz | Niall Walsh

The Nine Beaches Dunmoran| Enniscrone | Strandhill | Rosses Point | Yellow Strand | Streedagh | Cliffoney | Mullaghmore

As part of this event, we are encouraging attendees at the 9 locations to capture and share images from each sculpture.  Simply use the hashtag #ninequeenssligo or tag Blue Raincoat Theatre Company on Twitter or Instagram. 

Supported by Creative Ireland Programme (Sligo) 2018-2022