Walking Birds’ Mountain

July 27, 2018 @ 5:00 pm
Factory Performance Space

Walking Bird Mountain

In mid-July a group of visual artists and writers will trek across the Ballygawley Mountains with archaeological writer and folklorist Padraig Meehan. Sliabh Da En, the ‘hill of two birds’, is rich in mythic narratives of the Cailleach Bhérra as well as of archaeological interest. This landscape is connected by the sun’s alignment to the central passage tomb, Listoghil, at Carrowmore.

The artists will return to The Factory Performance Space which will become a studio to make work inspired by the trek over the course of the week. An exhibition, presenting the visual, vocal and written responses to the experience will be held in the Factory on the 27th July at the end of the week-long collaboration.

VISUAL ARTISTS:                     WRITERS: 
Stefanie Brüning                       Eoin McNamee
Patty Hudak                              Julianna Holland                       
Alexandra Huddleston             Alice Lyons   
Kate MacDonagh                      Brian Leyden
Brian McDonagh                       Una Mannion
Leonora Neary                          Padraig Meehan 
Bettina Seitz
Katsutoshi Yuasa

Produced by A Country Under Wave in association with Tread Softly